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October 31, 2005



I've been commuting in London for over 5 years.

Trouble is, you've only thought about yourself, what about the pedestrian that walks/runs out in front of you?


Any sensible cyclist will always be looking out for all potential collisions. You won't run a red light if a pedestrian is showing any sign of stepping into your path.
I find (in various major cities) that pedestrians often show a dangerous lack of road sense, assuming they can wander into the road without looking if cars aren't coming, and getting angry at even the cheeriest, politest warnings from (legally) oncoming cyclists.
But I must admit I got caught once, when a cyclist ahead of me suddenly did a U-turn without looking and I'd just run a red light. It never occurred to me that he'd be so foolish, but he knew there were no cars because he couldn't hear them, and he didn't think to look out for a cyclist (there are so few of us on Australian roads). We both ended up sprawled over the road, my pride seriously dented. So I have learned not to assume that other cyclists will have road sense.


Right on Chris! Bearing in mind the massive proliferation in the use of traffic lights to control traffic in London. TfL now put's signals in routinely, even at very minor junctions. Also the phasing of lights does not take into consideration cycling speeds. Whilst this continues I shall proceed (with caution) through reds.

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