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April 30, 2010


Børge A. Roum

Awesome! Well done, guys! :)

Matt Zimmerman

Nice one!


wow, very successful!




I am amazed! Very very cool! Can't wait to do the same on the Eiffel tower :)

Jef Spaleta

Was there any serious fall out with the police over this? Is there a process by which you could have registered with the city or the police to give them a heads up about what you were planning to avoid the excitement?

I think its a cool guerilla marketting concept but I'm very wary to encourage others to do this sort of stuff unless they know what the legalscape is for this sort of activity.. exactly because it can come across as suspicious.


Paul Hummer

"You can, uh, ground that helicopter. It's just a bunch of nerds. Again, not terrorists, just nerds."

Billy Cina

I dare you to try that one of those stunts in Tel-Aviv!

Amber Graner

This is so cool! Thanks for sharing :-)


This reminds me of the Graffiti Research Labs.


Someone nicked your idea! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/election_2010/8656578.stm

Marc Diethelm

Some of those make nice desktop backgrounds..!

Damian Ondore

Why Chris, I never had you down for a light-vandal. These are very nice, and I agree they make excellent desktop wallpaper.

Something deep inside me would have loved to have seen your mug-shots plastered over a newspaper article announcing your arrests, though.

Good effort.

Damian Ondore

I just remembered I once saw an attempt to shine a green laser ( in the shape of the Global gathering logo ) onto the moon. Though it looked impressive, suspected that we were really looking at a projection onto some distant layer of the earths atmosphere which happened to be right in line with the moon. Perhaps you can tell me whather this is really possible.

Lucy Sherriff

Just saw this. April 30th would have been Guy's 64th. He'd have loved it. :-)


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